Boo!… c’etait Halloweekend!

Alors! It’s been so long since I’ve last posted! So very sorry for that delay in posts… I know I keep saying “this week I’m going to write more”, but I’ve just gotten so wrapped up in the never ending cycle of exams, intern posts, papers, and now Spring registration!

Well I had an interesting Halloween… I had originally planned to make a Katy Perry costume (think Whipped Cream Assets from California Girls) and spend a ridiculous amount of money on the shorts, bra and whip cream engineering materials and it just WASN’T working! 😦 I couldn’t get the whipped cream cans to stay up and perky. So instead I opted for a few classic and simple costumes. (Lara Croft, a cop, and a Brownie) And although I’m rather bummed I couldn’t recreate Katy Perry (I love going all out on costumes) I still had a great weekend that was ended last night by cuddling up in bed with a good movie.

(Stina and Sara as rock stars, Brooke and Saige as army girls, and me as a cop… typical, I know)

Brooke and I in our version of Brownies…. Can you believe how tiny the vest were?? I used to think mine was so big!


And the sole pic I could find of me as Lara Croft… unfortunately Brookie and I were not on our picture game and didnt take many 😦 For this I wore leather shorts, a leather jacket, cropped top, a costume gun holster, and Steve Madden lace up boots.

Ah well the weekend was filled with creative costumes and great fun with friends and family 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Halloweekend and are starting to get ready for the holidays (obviously one of my faves!!!)!

There’s already a blizzard going on outside and its barely November! Everyone stay warm! xo



Boo!… c’etait Halloweekend!

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