Dear, my best friends

So this post is dedicated to my two favorite hoochies: Saige and Brookie!

While I mostly ramble about fashion and other fabulous things, I tend to forget that the most fabulous aspect of my life are my FRIENDS! Recently I’ve found myself going through a rough and confusing patch and it would have been one thousand times harder had I not had them here with me for the endless laughs, chats, and support. We’re pretty different but we love each other, and I hope they know how much I LOVE them and respect them! (Sappy side note: Guys, I love you and thank you for being the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.)

Saige, a fabulous and amazing singer (NEW ALBUM OUT ON iTUNES OCT. 11!!!!!!) is full of life, great jams, laughs, and drunken cigs (well, sober ones too, but the drunken ones are croosh aka crucial). He’s (maybe) more fab than Britney (because he didn’t shave off all his hair) and he has a heart of gold! He’s an amazing friend who loves with all his heart and always gives someone a chance.

Brookie, is my therapist, BR (bathroom roomies, duh!) and now best neighbor! She helps me justify my reasoning for eating an entire box of oreos, ditching class, or buying those HOT shoes. She’s a voice of reason in my life and I just don’t know what I would do without her! We laugh, tell secrets, cap roomies, we drink, we take pics, occasionally black out, and we sometimes we don’t remember, but we’re hoochies! And hoochies stick together.

We’ve got each others backs (Chris Brown-esque fights?), we support each other through ridiculous diets (17-day), and no night would be complete without asking each other “What the fuck happened last night?” in the mornings.

So here’s to us bitches! I love you, we’ve made it out of some rough times together, and I know we’ll always be friends. Thanks for the most amazing memories and I can’t wait to make so much more.I LOVE YOU, it’s Britney bitch! xoxo


Dear, my best friends

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