A (Late) Fashion Week Forcast.

Once again, I have successfully ignored this blog for a few week! Dammit! I’m trying really hard to get back in the grove of writing but between school and my internship and life… I lost it! But I’m back! (for now) and although I’m a few weeks late, I thought I’d give a run down of my favorite Spring ’12 Fashion Week looks!

My faves were absolutely Marchesa, Rodarte, and Oscar de la Renta! If Marchesa and Rodarte were sisters, they would be sweet  and girly with lots of intricate work in the details, though I will say Rodarte would be the more outspoken sister! De la Renta wowed Fashionistas with his vibrant, bright, and extravagant designs, with tons of flair. I think he really speaks to my Latin side, which is why I love all of his va-va-voom gowns and rich colors. He’s definitely one designer I would DIE to wear one day! Below is my favorite piece from Marchesa’s collection! How GORGEOUS!

Top Row: Marchesa, Marchesa, Rodarte; Middle: Rodarte, Rodarte, de la Renta; Bottom: all de la Renta.

Next spring, we’ll be seeing a lot of bright, neon, and fun color mixes, as well as intricate details and flowy fabrics. It’s still warm here in Boulder and I know we’re far from the next spring season but I just CAN’T wait to incorporate some of thee trends into my looks! What’s your favorite?? xoxo

A (Late) Fashion Week Forcast.

3 thoughts on “A (Late) Fashion Week Forcast.

  1. Great photos, they really serve to illustrate your points well. It just goes to show that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst I liked certain aspects on the design, some I would not wear.

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