My Missoni Day!


Many Fashionistas stormed to Target today (including myself), but only a few were so lucky to have picked up pieces designed by Missoni! I kid you not, I got to Target at 10 am and everything was SOLD OUT! The store opened at 8 am, and there was already a line outside waiting. I must admit, I was slightly upset as I watched the women wait in line with carts full to the brim of retro-inspired knitwear by the famed Italian house. But I was able to cap a few fun items that were left! My favorite purchase is this felt floppy hat (sorry for the poor quality, I’m having camera issues!)

I also got a sweet make up bag and head scarf. But the real thing I’ve been waiting for all week are my Jefferey Campbell/Miu Miu inspired booties. They are literally so hot and amazing I want to scream! To. Die. For.


My Missoni Day!

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