Boy-Toy Spotlight!

Well, Ryan Gosling isn’t my boy-toy but hey, I can dream right? I’ve always, always loved Ryan Gosling (especially after he broke our hearts in The Notebook) but recently he’s been popping up looking extra good! He’s really transformed into a great style icon for men choosing classic, well tailored, elegant looks.

To me, the most important characteristic about a guy is how he presents himself. Not only should he be classy and confident in his personality, but he should reflect that in his outfit as well. And while every once in awhile I love a bad boy, I’m all about the clean-cut boy in a sweater.

So not only is Ryan one of the most beautiful men in Hollywood, he has his style down like no one else (except maybe Brad Pitt)! Some critics call him a hipster (yikes!) but I don’t see that.. He always looks handsome and put together, favoring labels like Ferragamo and Balenciaga. I can’t wait to see more of his new look!

Ryan Gosling in Cannes this year wearing Ferragamo (L, C) and Balenciaga (R).

Toronto Film Festival 2011 with George Clooney, wearing Burberry.

How HOT is he??

P.S. I’ve neglected this blog since school started!!! Sorry to all my readers! I promise I’m going to start making an effort again! 🙂 damn school!

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Boy-Toy Spotlight!

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