The Weekend Warrior

With it being my first weekend back home, I decided to lay low and keep it family time. Friday night I went with my mom to do girl things like get our nails done and do a bit of shopping. Zara is having a massive sale (love!) and I was able to pick up a classic LBD ($15!) and the cutest ballet flats! I’ll do a quick post on that later. After, we went out for sushi and then painted and watched Madmen all night (woo Netflix for hooking us up!). My mom is a great painter and can create really cool masterpieces, but mine were less than interesting. I picked out a cute set of mini canvases (2.5″ x 3.5″) but I’m not sure I’m feeling it. I can’t quite capture what I want.

Below is what I wore out:

Jacket, Tank, Scarf: H&M, Jeans: J. Brand 912’s, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: my brother bought for me. Bag: Longchamp, Shoes (not shown): gold Haviana flip flops.

The next day I went to my dads for a weekend of swimming and hanging out, which is always nice after a rough week of packing and traveling. Around the corner from his house is a new cupcake store by Sugar Babies, the famed LA cupcake truck! SUCH A CUTE STORE! The sisters who own it are sweet and creative, making cupcakes like The Red Rose (red velvet) and Eat Your Veggies (carrot cake with cream cheese topping). But my new favorite cupcake: Breakfast at Tiffany’s!! Can i just express how IN LOVE i am with the concept!? I love the movie, a true classic showcasing the fabulousness of NYC and Audrey Hepburn’s classic style; and of course, cupcakes are my favorite dessert so HOW PERFECT is this combination?? The sweet vanilla cake is topped with a blue frosting and sugar pearls: truly a girl’s best friend.

My brothers and I also went to see Horrible Bosses (my second time) and it was absolutely HYSTERICAL. I’d say it’s funnier than the Hangover and Superbad, which as we know are all hilarious. Jason Bateman (fave), Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis are outrageous and wickedly funny as they try to kill their douche bag bosses. Even Jennifer Aniston steals some seasons as a creepy, slut boss when she steps away from the rom-com screen (although I must admit, I do love Jennifer Aniston rom-coms). I highly recommend this raunchy, outrageous comedy. I’m still laughing remembering some bits.

Last night, I saw a picture of Miranda Kerr (the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model and wife of Orlando Bloom) wearing the exact outfit I wore this weekend! Who wore it better? 😉 I’m wearing a black maxi by Cabi, H&M denim jacket, and Burberry sunglasses. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! xo


The Weekend Warrior

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