Eye Catching!

With summer going strong I tend to get wrapped up in the heat and excitement and forget I own make up. Lately, the only make up I’ve been wearing is no fuss mascara since my lashes are long and tend to darken my eyes. To me, the best summer make up routine is a tan, moisturizer (with SPF of course!!) and some mascara for a very au naturale look. And anyways, it gets so hot in Boulder and LA there is no point of letting all my make up sweat off!

[although I must admit that I DO love make up. Your face becomes the ultimate canvas and by using various colors and techniques, you can create a beautiful portrait, which shouldn’t be considered vanity. I find it rather disheartening when people refer to make up as a negative thing. Like someone is “hiding” what they look like or “changing” how they look with make up. Sometimes it’s just simply fun to add colors and dress yourself up! Well, of course, there IS such thing as too much…. ]

But I digress! So sometimes without a beauty focus and a surprising quick-paced summer life I lead (lately its been filled withpacking up my house, airports, travel, and work) I have lost some beauty inspiration. To keep things fresh, I found that throwing in an unexpected pop of color livens up any look instantly! 

Bright and edgy eye make up is an immediate show stopper, as well as candy colored lips or neon nail polish! To avoid looking like Nikki Minaj (I love her, but her look is occasionally tragic) chose ONE of the bright options.

Eye Catching!

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