What’s in my suitcase?

I am notorious for packing more than enough for trips. Actually… it’s not even “more than enough”, its just my standard in wardrobe changes. I like to be comfortable, and I like to have options. One summer, I went to Colombia for 4 months and brought one (pretty medium sized) bag for shoes, and two other larger bags for my clothes. But that’s how I roll.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a 10 day backpack(ish) trip to Mexico and Belize. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my first backpacking trip! No fancy hotels, no clean water, no 5 star resort. Just some very beautiful Caribbean beaches, ancient ruins, scuba gear, and lots of margaritas! Everything I plan to take must fit into a 70 liter bag. Hmm…

I figured I would focus on basics: bikinis, tanks, and cover ups for all the beaching we’ll do and the very tropical weather. Despite my love for coordinating outfits and styles, I decided to keep it simple and focusing on practical pieces. Although I have managed not to sacrifice style completely!

I tried to make my pack as versatile as possible. I included 2 shorts for hiking/trekking etc, my sturdy L.L. Bean flips along with Havianas for lots of walking, 3 sundresses/cover ups, 2 bikinis to mix and match, a few tanks and tees, a pareo (sarong), and a sweet boat hat I just bought at UO. I also have an artisan side bag I bought in Colombia a few years ago for all my extras (sunglasses, wallet, camera, etc). I’m most excited to wear the beautiful sarong (red, green, and blue) that my mom bought in Greece 20 years ago. It’s been a long time summer favorite of mine! Absolutely gorgeous colors!

Below are a few of my colorful sundresses I’ve packed to add color and pattern to my outfits!

Bon Voyage to all the other travelers! xoxo

What’s in my suitcase?

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