Boulder summer’s are notorious for unbearable heat during the mornings and dark storms in the afternoon. The good thing about the storms though, is their ability to cool down the city and leave lush greens everywhere. Down the street from my boyfriend’s house is a lovely community garden shared by a few neighbors who plant a selection of veggies and flowers in time for the harvest season. As a kid, my mom (being a florist) showed me a love for flowers and tending a garden. Seeing the community come together to create a beautiful garden makes me excited to build my own next year!

Below, I played with different materials and textures in my outfit. I paired a denim jacket with leather shorts and flats. I kept the look very minimal with simply earrings and an artisan bag.

Jacket: H&M, Shorts: Forever21, Tank: Calvin Klien, Flats: Urban Outfitters, Bag: bought in Colombia


One thought on “Gardens

  1. DJ says:

    Hi Honey,, like your post.. but, you do have one typo that I see.. excite should be excited and thanks for the florist plug…


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