Finding Myself in the Met.

So I’ve been MIA for awhile. I was on vacation for about three weeks and upon returning had lost inspiration for this blog. Originally it was meant to talk about all my passions here; a stream of thought if you will… But eventually turned this into a “fashion-only” page where I ranted and raved about this season. I mean, I LOVE fashion. It tends to dominate a good portion of my free time… but I do hope to return this blog to its original purpose and explore my passions with you all. I do love cooking, traveling, art, reading, exercising, and writing. These things will be further brought to light by this blog and my nearly empty summer-schedule and forth-coming trip to the Yucatan.

One more thing about fashion though…

During my recent trip to New York, I continued my exploration and education as a foodie with trips to Gotham Grill (possibly my favorite restaurant ever? Absolutely perfect tuna tartare and duck, finished with foie gras.) and other local eateries. I also continued to explore the Met Museum. I found the Chinese pagota, King Edward’s suit of armor (bucket-list: try on a suit of armor once) and toured the Costume Gala’s exhibit, Savage Beauty: Alexander McQueen. There are really no words at all to explain my reaction to the exhibit. It was curiously erie, but exceptionally beautiful at the same time. Each mannequin felt like the a ghostly creature bringing McQueen’s work back to life. His detail and patience was apparent in each outfit and he seemed to scream out of every embroidered stitch (coats sewn with human hair) and each painted pheasant feather or antelope horn. Each piece revealed the dedication and genius of the artist, Alexander McQueen.

This morning I was lucky enough to receive an AMAZING gift and surprise… The Savage Beauty book!! Its filled with personal quotes from McQueen, as well as beautifully photographed pieces from the collection. I’m so excited to add it to my collection of fashion and art books! (my boyfriend picks out great books for me!)

Ugh the things I would do to be able to wear a McQueen dress (even just once!). I think I would chose his gold feather and embroidered tulle gown.

I spent two days in the Met, exploring, learning, and loving every minute of it. I found a bit a of passion and inspiration in Mcqueen’s exhibit, along with the rest of the museum. I found that true artists go beyond what’s in front of them and beyond what’s given to them to make something of their own.. something unique, that can never be replicated and something that reveals what’s in their heart. I hope I can be one of those people some day. Maybe not someone with work showcased at the Met or another great museum, but one who goes beyond the norms and what they have to create something larger than life and revealing a part of my soul, my heart. That’s where I found myself in the Met last week.

On the steps with my boyfriend (sporting his famous Allman Bro’s shirt) and my roomie Brooke (whom I met up with in NYC!) and looking like a tool in the middle picture… Wearing: H&M high waisted pants and jean jacket, Forever21 silk tank, Haviana flip flops, Prada glasses, vintage jewelry, Longchamp tote.

Finding Myself in the Met.

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