White Hot!

Upon arriving to Los Angeles this week to visit my family, I was greeted with the unforgotten sunshine and compatible weather…. Until wednesday, when a grey cloud moved in and has since refused to budge from over my beautiful city. Dammit. The last two times I’ve come to visit my family (10 days in winter, 10 days in spring) there has been NOTHING BUT RAIN and those goddamn clouds. On top of that, I only packed for warm weather since I will be heading to NYC immediately after (and we all know how unbearably hot it is there). So while I pray for better weather in the next few days to see me off, I have been entertaining myself with endless hours of Netflix, reconnecting with Spice World (a classic) and various others.

My whole reason for being here in the first place was my wonderful brothers (Santiago and Mateo) graduations. Santi’s from pre-K and Mateo from the 8th grade. Since both were on the same day, I wore the same white dress: dressing down with a jacket and sandals for the morning and up with heels and a glam bag in the evening.

My H&M dress is perfect for any occasion, its simple enough that any thing can be paired with, but classy enough to wear alone with an elegant heel. To create the perfect day look, a bright sandal or jewel encrusted shoe would look great. Adding a fashion scarf, jean jacket, or blazer also brings down the formality of a dress.

Dress: H&M, Blazer: Silence + Noise, Sandals: Gap, Sunglasses: Burberry, Watch: Michael Kors, Purse: Kitson

For the evening graduation and dinner, I simply wore the dress with a few flashy jewelry pieces, simple heels and a jeweled clutch. When dressing for events that are not your own (graduations, weddings, the occasional birthday) it is important to remember that it is not your day, and that simple and subtle are the ways to go.

Dress: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Watch: Michael Kors, Clutch: Kitson

Special thanks to my mom for taking these pics! xoxo

White Hot!

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