My Summer Must Haves…

Summer is right around the corner, and the days are beginning to feel like it! This past memorial day, I ran the BolderBoulder 10k  with my dad and roommate! I trained for about 2 months and finished the rigorous 6.2 miles in just under 1 hour! I had originally planned to finish in 65 minutes, but I completed it in about 7 minutes less! Hey, I was impressed with myself! It was a great day with many Boulderites dressing up in crazy costumes and running with the whole family, while those who chose not to run passed out water and beer (typical Colorado!) and cheered us on!

Since my summer was kicked off just right, I’m starting to notice a shift in my wardrobe! Winter boots and coats are tucked neatly away and summer dresses and hats have a front row in my closet! I comprised a “Summer Must Have” list of all the summer trends and necessities I’m itching for!


1. White Jeans: These babies are a summer staple for me (for those days that jeans are bearable). The can take you from casual with flats and a nautical top (see Blake Lively) to glam-fab with nude heels and a silk top. A tailored, skinny pair looks great with any sandal, heel, flat combination, but this summer’s 70’s-style flair looks great in white with a high waist and tailored shirt tucked in.

2. Panama Hat: the fedora’s cousin, the Panama Hat, is making its way into every fashion blog, site, and editorial this summer! Having a larger brim then the fedora, its perfect for keeping those rays off your face while sitting on the beach or strolling down the boardwalk. Again, this hat works for any day time look, including: maxi-dresses, swimsuits, and high-waisted denim shorts. The perfect hat fix since the Royal Wedding.

3. Day Heel: My shoe of the summer (other than my L.L. Bean flip flops) is a day heel. I’ve developed a habit of buying too many heels (which isn’t  a bad thing!) except, they’re usually only appropriate for formal events and party nights. This summer I am determined to incorporate a little more versatility into my new shoe style. A day heel must have 2 requirements: a proper heel, and a proper color. While I love and honor stilettos, day heels just can’t have them. Unless you’re dressed for an event, walking out at 2 pm in 5 inch stilettos is just ridiculous. To tone down the look for day, day heels must have a “chunkier” heel. Zara’s brown leather heel is a perfect example. For those who feel intimidated by height during the day, a wedge is also perfect. The color and material is also important, so opt for wooden, leather, and neutral colored heels to tone down a look. Of course, this does not mean to be afraid of throwing in a bit of color when playing with shoes, there’s never anything wrong with a little fun!

4. Denim Jacket: I tweeted last month that I bought my first jean jacket since 1996. And man, do I love it! I forgot how awesome and comfortable jean jackets were, and my 5 year old self new what was up; I rocked the jean jacket and bandana like it was my job! Celebs everywhere have been spotted sporting jean jackets in various washes and styles. A waist-cropped jacket is perfect for throwing over a summer dress (maxi or mini) and pairing with (very) dark denim. Note: Please do not match with your pants or skirt. To add a bit more flair, experiment with different washes (white denim, or dark) and embellishments, such as studs and pins to channel your inner rock star!

5. White Dress: The white dress is a key piece this summer, since white is such a hot color. Not only will it show off your gorgeous tan this summer,  but it can be worn at anytime of the day with numerous accessories. You can add a pop of color with a great vintage scarf, leather sandals, or a denim jacket!

6. High Waisted Shorts: I absolutely love high waisted shorts. They really compliment my figure and are a great way to make an outfit a bit dressier. Although I love the look of polished navy shorts, mine are a peach-colored lace pair from Forever21. They look great with black tank tops, white tops, pink tops, white wedges, green sweaters… well, you get it. My list is endless. For those of you who prefer a more tailored look, high waisted khaki shorts are a great look with any trend. 

7. Sarong: An exotic sarong in beautiful colors and patterns are great for wrapping around yourself after a dip in the ocean or pull and can be wrapped into interesting dresses, skirts, or even tops. Since I like to live in a bikini over the summer, its perfect for throwing to run to the store or get a quick bite to eat. I accessorize with strap-y sandals and my snake arm bracelet.

8. A Great Book: What better way to spend your summers than lounging with a book and a glass of wine? Some times life takes me away from reading, but honestly, there is no other way I like to spend my time. Get lost in a classic like the Great Gatsby (personal fave) or Pride and Prejudice, or enter a new world with quirky, contemporary books like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (another P.F.). If you’re up for the challenge, try reading a book in another language you know. I find myself reaching for L’Etranger and Le Petit Prince every so often, to make sure I still have my french.

I leave you here dolls to come up with your own summer must have’s and summer reads. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and wear plenty of sunscreen 🙂

Bon été mes amis! xoxo

My Summer Must Haves…

5 thoughts on “My Summer Must Haves…

  1. Ah, white jeans and high-waisted shorts are at the top of my must-invest-in list! Great finds, and thanks so much for checking out my blog as well!

  2. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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