Quick Pic!

I stumbled upon this picture recently and found that it encompassed some great trends this season, without being too trendy. The model wears a geometric-printed shift dress, ideal for summer in both efficiency and aesthetics. Shifts are great as a simple and light dress for those effortless days. The funky print keeps it from looking too bland, as well as pairing an unexpected jacket with it (as shown, an understated cargo vest) to combine flirty and toughness and keep things interesting. Her bright flats add the perfect pop of color to an otherwise black and white outfit. And finally, she accessorizes perfectly with chunky jewelry and this season’s hat of the moment: a straw bolero.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with this seasons greatest trends! Adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit is a great way to start, as well as mixing old school styles (like the hat) with modern with modern prints and accessories. You are your own canvas! Work it!

xoxo dolls!

Quick Pic!

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