Fashionistas Collide!

This past Tuesday, two of my favorite fashion icons met at Buckingham Palace! I died. Both rocked it out in their gorgeous (yet demure) outfits. Kate Middleton also read my post about neutrals being the hot color this season .(Like Angelina, ha!) She wore a simple and elegant Reiss wrap dress with black pumps and clutch. Can you believe how beautiful she is? She has really embraced her new royal role, looking nothing less than regal in the way she presents herself.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, is also a beautiful sight at every event she attends! She is known for her sophisticated and chic style, even before her husbands election. While her Barbara Tfank dress may have been a bit much for my preference, the colors were rich and beautiful and she more it very well, following with the unwritten British fashion rule of looking proper at all times. The color and material combination reminded me a bit of 17th century gowns worn by royals like Marie Antoinette. Michelle is a gorgeous representation of an inspiring American women, possibly the greatest First Lady-Fashion Icon since Jackie Kennedy.

I wonder what they’re talking about! The Royal Wedding? The Queen’s handbags? American and British foreign affairs? xoxo!

Fashionistas Collide!

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