The Fairest in the Land

Since this month seems to be all about royal families, weddings, and princesses, (what with Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf finding their princes) I decided to write a post about the most beautiful and fashionable queens and princesses of history. My list is comprised of not only the most beautiful, but the most fashion forward, style icons of their time.

First off, Cleopatra. Possible the most famous woman in history, she has been depicted differently by many artists, directors, and historians. Known for her ornate headpieces she was the most glamourous woman in 30 BC. Yup, that long ago. She catapulted the beauty scene with her exotic eye makeup and hair beads. The most famous interpretation of Cleopatra was the 1963 film version starring the exquisite Elizabeth Taylor.

Next, is the infamous Marie Antoinette, the final Queen of France. She was known for spending the French’s money on extravagant gowns, decorative wigs, and lavish parties. She truly captured the french joie de vivre and enjoyed life extravagantly. She was admired for her Austrian beauty and fashion forward designs.

Its really hard for me to decide who I think to be more beautiful, Grace Kelly or the late Lady Diana. Many revere Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco (former American actress) as the most beautiful royal. Her classic American looks and fine style charmed the hearts of millions for many years. She is considered a style icon since her youth as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s girls. She is the epitome of classic style.

Lady Diana Spencer, though only living into her thirties, had an impact on the people of England and the rest of the world. Known best as the People’s Princess, she was the face of the British Monarchy and lent a hand to various charities throughout the world including humanitarian work in Africa.  Her impeccable style and influence on fashion made her a go-to for the polished, socialite look. Her iconic hairstyle  was sought after by millions of women and her wedding was watched by one billion people! I think she is utterly beautiful from the way she carried herself during tough situations to the love she had for her children and others around the world. I also think she looks a lot like my own mother, maybe thats why I feel so comforted when I see her?

Granddaughter of Princess Grace, Charlotte Casiraghi is a very beautiful young royal. She tends to jet around Europe with her equally good looking brother, Andrea (yeah I know, we have the same name…) attending great fashion shows and being cute. She is very fashion forward, opting for minimalist looks and capturing the essence of Parisian girls.

One of the most glamourous Queen’s of our time is Queen Rania of Jordan. She too is well known for her humanitarian work, as much as her good looks. She opts for conservative looks but always looks polished and trendy.

The most recent addition to the royal list is of course, Kate Middleton. Not only is she classically beautiful, but her fashion sense has caused a frenzy among people looking to get her look. To flatter her thin figure, she favors low plunging wrap dresses and tailored coats. Her signature British style includes Burberry coats and intricate hats.

The Fairest in the Land

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