Angelina Jolie: In the Nudes!

Well I love Angelina Jolie. And hope that some day I can attend the Cannes Film Festival… So lucky me, Angelina made an appearance looking AMAZING (as usual). This year at Cannes, Angelina Jolie emerged in a gorgeous belted Ferragamo dress with nude heels. Clearly, Angelina read my post on this season’s neutral trend and rocked it in the south of France looking chic and elegant.

I love the “Angelina Evolution”. Her style has evolved from wild and bad ass in her leather and all black ensembles to much more classic and elegant pieces, like this week at Cannes, as she became a mother and a bit older. Her make up and hair is always simple and natural, which showcases her natural beauty.

As weird as it sounds, I’ve always seen a bit of myself in Angelina (maybe because I was obsessed with Tomb Raider as a kid??). In her earlier days she was a black sheep who didn’t care what others thought about it and soon emerged into her own person and is now celebrated around the world both as a role model and fashion icon.

Growing up, I’ve always done my own thing and often times, it was received with less-than-enthusiastic praise from my peers. Sometimes it hurt, but most of the time I didn’t care. Eventually I grew to become my own person, uninfluenced by society and found my own way. It sounds cheesy, I know. But I think my path was similar to Angelina’s. Yeah, I’m not a world famous actress, I didn’t perform “rituals” before sex (weird) OR make-out with my brother (uhhhh!?) but I kept going despite what people said and found people who love and support what I do. I also find her humanitarian work so inspirational (she’s a UN Ambassador); she has made such an incredible difference in so many people’s lives (especially her children). I really hope that one day I can have  the same impact on others who need help.

Below is an Angelina Jolie fashion time line.

Angelina Jolie: In the Nudes!

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