Summer Sun-sation

Now, I know I should be studying for finals like the rest of my peers, but my mind keeps wandering away to summer and it’s refreshing break. Its a time to go out and enjoy the long, sunshine filled days… meet with friends, enjoy sunset barbecues, sand between your toes, read a good book while swinging in a hammock… whatever your heart desires. I have a tendency to wear as little as possible in the warmer months, with my outfits usually consisting of a bikini and pareo (sarong) and not much else.

There’s a simplicity to summer. Summer hair looks best after a day at the beach, make up is natural or just not there at all and delicate sandals adorn tan feet. Colors are vibrant and full of life, a refreshing change after the sometimes bitter months of winter and spring. For days that I will be forced to wear actual clothes, I have a selection of beautiful summer dresses, perfect for a summer night or lunch.

This summer the look is influence by artistic deco styles in vibrant orange and pinks (as seen on Victoria Beckham’s Spring/Summer ’11 runway), spring time flowers, and feminine materials (like lace, eyelet, and chiffon).

P.s. Thank you to all who have been reading my blog! In just the first week there have been over 400 views!! Your support means so much!

Summer Sun-sation

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