One of my all time favorite past times is painting my nails. Most Wednesday nights, you can find me curled up on my couch with my roommates; every nail polish under the sun sprawled out (along with files, buffers, and base coats galore) choosing my color of the week. I believe that a beautiful manicure can polish any look… and an absolute must when going to important engagements whether it be an interview, wedding, or party (attention should be paid to appropriate color, of course). I’m pretty sure I’ve gone 3 straight years (possibly more?) with some kind of color on my nails.

I prefer more natural, “softer” tones on my fingers (nude, ballerina pink) and more vibrant colors on my toes (currently: OPI’s Cajun Shrimp). OPI’s new line “Femme de Cirque” is my go-to for everyday nails with creamy pink and purple pastels. But ultimately, only your mood can decide you color. Last week I was feeling particularly stressed and angsty, so I opted for a dark brown.

My favorite nail salon is Dashing Divas. I spent many afternoons in high school at their girly salon, decorated perfectly in pink and white. Unfortunately, the Denver area has yet to open one, but the Manhattan-based empire is quickly growing cross country.

This season is all about the neutrals. Everything from white to beige to dark brown can be found. Nails are a fun way to incorporate springs hottest trend, leaving your style canvas open to anything. With summer quickly approaching, pop-art colors like hot pink and bright corals and mint green are seen contrasting the neutral and white shades of summer.

But most of all, remember to experiment!



3 thoughts on “Pampered.

  1. I probably have the worst luck ever. Was painting my nails a really awesome shade of red, spilled it and then spent the next two hours trying to get it out of my pink housecoat and black leather couch. Man, I’m awesome.

    I love pale nailpolish. I’m really a fan of that pale, almost pastel purple nailpolish that has been circulating the stores.

    So pretty!!! But great post, I love your blog, it’s very beautiful!

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