Rainy Days.

Boulder is known for its predictably unpredictable bi-polar weather (say that 5x fast…). Remember when I told you it was unbearably hot? Well not its raining. And when it rains in Boulder, it pours. All day long. GIVE ME SUMMER BACK!

I will admit: its nice to wake up to the sound of rain.

Being a summer rain, it’s not very cold so shorts are still acceptable. Here was my look for running around town with Trish.


I bought these Adidas slides about a week ago and haven’t taken them off. They’re my new Birks. I love the bold, graphic feel they have. Best $20 ever. Every wardrobe needs a comfy tee and this Local Heros one is mine. I live in it. Brining a little California casual to the streets of Boulder.

Last Clean T-shirt

Shirt: Local Heros/Jacket: H&M/Sandals: Adidas

Livin the GF-Lifestyle, Without Giving Up Your (Foodie) Life.

If you live on this planet, you know that there is a lot of hoopla around the whole “gluten free” thing. I don’t have Celiac disease, but I have observed the significant differences in how my body functions on both a gluten and gluten-free diet. With a G diet, I’m sluggish, groggy, bloated, and just generally feel unpleasant. When I’m eating GF diet, I sleep 100x better (and I take less melatonin!), I’m focused and energized, and that bloated, sick feeling is gone. It took me nearly six months of self observation and becoming conscious of what I was putting in my body (4 months observing my diet, 2 months integrating new changes)

In January 2014, I made the switch to a 90-10 diet (because yes, I LOOOOVVVEEE pasta puttanesca, pizza, cookies, fresh scones, tempura-fried things, gravy, Chipotle burritos, craft beer, cheese and crackers, crusty artisan olive breads and MAC AND CHEESE!!!! I had to give my foodie self something to live for.) And while, admittedly, I have a week here and there where all I do is stuff my face with all gluten errythang (nobody’s perfect) I have seen and felt a remarkable difference on how my body works. gluten Free

Thinking of making the switch? Here’s a couple tips on how I did it.

1. Educate Yo Self: Despite what you’ve heard, being gluten-free is not a trend. And it’s not going to make you lose weight. Some people with Celiac suffer severely, and if given the chance might offer their first born just to get down on a big plate of Easy Mac. Do you know what “gluten” even is? It’s two proteins combining to create that elastic doughy texture you love so much. It is found in all wheat, rye, and barley.

I recommend reading a couple articles about exactly what the hard G is, where it’s commonly found, and how it might affect you. This Women’s Health article is a good one to wrapping your head around it.

2. Evaluate, Observe, Learn to be Conscious: When I started my GF journey, I spent months just observing what I ate without changing my diet. I found that I ate some form of gluten with EVERY meal (5-6x a day!!), even when I thought I was eating a “gluten free” meal. It was in my toast at breakfast, veggie patties for lunch, and in my sushi during happy hour. It made me so much more aware of how much gluten is in the average American diet. Taking what I had observed, I was able to create meal plans and shopping list that eventually eliminated GF-products, and thus led me to eat a cleaner (ie: less processed) diet.

3. Start with a Clean Slate: It’s hard to make any change when you’re surrounded by reminders or temptations of the thing you’re trying to change. So, if necessary, for the first few weeks remove all tempting gluten-filled things from your cupboards and fridge: beer, cereal, Oreos, soy sauce, ramen, crackers… well, you get it. If you’re anything like me, gluten-loving you might eat an entire sleeve of Oreos just to spite your gluten-free other half.

Gluten Free, what to eat

I made this change while I was home in Los Angeles for 3 weeks this winter because I knew Tyty was going to eat gluten-y things in front of me and I didn’t want any temptation. It takes two weeks to get create a habit!

4. Prepare Yourself with Pinterest/Blogs:  Being the foodie that I am, making (or eating) dinner is a big part of my day. And rather than jump into a very bland and boring gluten-free diet of “baked chicken, rice, and steamed veggies” (which for the record, I now eat very often), I created a Pinterest board with lots of tasty looking GF and paleo-inspired dishes to help me.

I spend about 20 minutes each day checking out my favorite foodie blogs for GF recipes and poking around Pinterest to see what you guys have pinned to your healthy boards. When you have tons of delicious looking options or alternatives, you stay inspired to make delicious GF meals! And trust me, just because it’s gluten-free, DOESN’T mean it lacks flavor! One of my favorite recipes is The Londoner’s cauliflower pizza! I made it for my brothers once, and they didn’t suspect a thing. ;)

5. Know Where Gluten Might Hide: If you really wanna be a GF betch, you’re gonna have to start reading labels. Gluten is in almost every processed food product from cereal, to salad dressings, to hot dogs and even some ice cream (aw hell nah!). Here are some products you should keep an eye for:

Gluten Free Diet


6. Indulge Yourself: Unless you are truly Celiac, you don’t have to live in a gluten-free world forever! Frankly, you can find a GF substitute or recipe for anything these days; but I also know that no amount of rice pasta or quinoa cookies can offer the same delicious happiness as a plate of homemade pasta. This is the same reason I allow myself to indulge in non-GF foods every once in a while.

I hate making others create a completely separate menu for me just because I’m GF so if Tyty’s grandma invites me over lasagna, I’m not gonna say no. If I go to brunch, I might spring the extra $2 and order gluten-free toast OR I might say fuck it and go with that amazing pain au chocolat. My one rule is: if I make it at home, I’ll make it GF. And thats how I stay happy, healthy, and foodie!

Bon Appetite everyone!

Pajama Party

It’s been unbelievably hot this last week or so in Boulder. Like, being-naked-is-too-much-clothes kind of hot. I’m even rejecting jean shorts at this point. Too clingy.

When I’m forced to put clothes on and leave the house, I opt for something lighter. I’ve been dying for a pair of breezy shorts this summer. You know the kind: drawstring, PJ-style shorts, casual but can be dressed up?

I’ve yet to find a pair I love enough to buy, so on this particularly hot day I wore actual pajama shorts. From VS. Yeah, I did it even though Tyty told me not to. It was SOO hot. But they were exactly what I’ve been looking for: light, silky, black, not too short, can be styled up or down. I don’t know, what do you think?

OOTD_pajama party


OOTD_pajama party

ootd_pajama party

ootd_pajama party


ootd_pajama party


Victoria Secret PJ shorts/H&M top/Converse/Panama Hat/Neiman Marcus bag

Wearing all black probably didn’t help the heat though…


So a month ago (actually, it was probably more like a month a half ago) I went home to LA (which I blogged about here) for a short trip. While on that trip, I was very lucky to be invited to the Nasty Gal Headquarters by a friend! You’ve probably already seen my pictures on Instagram.


It was awesome! I definitely fan-girled while there and I’m not ashamed about it. Obviously I had to take an epic selfie.

The office is 1000x bigger than I expected, and very cool and lofty and hip. It was pretty amazing getting to see behind the scenes of a place that has been so influential in recent fashion history.



That’s Dom and I, snapping a quick photo op by the Nasty Gal philosophy. #noassholes

And obviously, being #GIRLBOSSes, we had to take a couple pictures with the proper signage. NastyGal-GirlBOSS #girlboss

If you haven’t read Sophia Amoruso’s book #GIRLBOSS yet, I highly recommend you do so! Part autobiography, part origin story, part business philosophy, you’ll find that it makes you laugh out loud more than once.

It was a super fun afternoon, which was followed by cocktails on the Standard Rooftop and lunch at Bottega Louie. How downtown of us, non?

(For those wondering about outfit details: pants, H&M/crop top, H&M/hat, Colombia/purse, vintage Neiman Marcus)

Standard Rooftop LA



Black and White and Zero Color At All.

It’s been ages since I’ve done an outfit post, so I figured I’d indulge you guys (and myself) with one…

My dad was in town this week so I hopped on my bike and met him downtown for some sushi and cocktails one evening.


I bought this asymmetrical skort in the winter and have been dying to pair it down with more casual pieces. If you’ve seen me around this summer, you’ll recognize me by my patent Birks and my Panama hat. (Fun Fact: All traditional Panama hats are actually made in Colombia and Ecuador. Therefore, they should actually be called Colombia/Ecuador hats. #themoreyouknow).

The skort is excellent for biking around town and not worrying about flashing anyone!

skort and birkenstocks style birkenstocks

Shirt: Max Studio/Skort: Necessary Clothing/Shoes: Birkenstocks/Bag: Colombia artesian/Hat: Street Vendor, Cartagena,Colombia.

Also, for whatever reason, my camera was on “macro” mode so pardon the low image quality.

Happy Styling!

Drinking Caipirinha’s Until The Next World Cup.

As you know (or you should know), the World Cup wrapped up yesterday with an epic match between Argentina and Germany (Germany won). I’m not really sure how I’m going to spend the rest of my summer days, considering I just spent the last month watching the games and recapping everything during World Cup Tonight on ESPN. (Who knew ESPN could be cool?)

Being as the Cup was hosted by Brazil this year, I spent most weekends drinking caipirinha’s (a kind of Brazilian mojito made with Cachaça) and stalking all my friends pics who were in Rio (very jealous!).


Cachaca y aguardiente colombia

Here’s a pick of me and Danielle holding up our booze of choice during the Colombia vs Brazil game last week. (I’m holding Aguardiente: Colombia’s version of Cachaça.)

Caipirinha’s have become my favorite summer drink! They’re light, refreshing, SUPER easy to make, and very boozy.

Here’s what you need:
-Club soda (not traditional, but help balance the bevie nicely, especially if you’re new to Cachaça.)
-Mint (also not traditional but our mint plant is growing like crazy so i threw a couple in.)

caipirinhasMuddle about half a lime into your glass (plus mint if you’re adding it). Scoop a teaspoon of sugar on top of your muddled fruit and muddle a bit more. Really mix it well. Top with plenty of ice, 2 1/2 ounces of Cachaça (I went for a nice long glug here. It’s up to you). Mix well again. Top with a splash of club soda (again, only if you want a bit of fiz).

Sip. Enjoy. Remake!



Chanel Couture: Bring On The New It-Shoe.

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Yesterday, Karl Lagerfeld debuted Chanel’s Fall 2014 Couture show complete with a Kardashian and a pregnant bride. However, what really stood out was the shoe of the show: flip flops. I can’t recall (correct me if I’m wrong) the last time we saw a flip flop on the runway…

Could we be seeing the new Birkenstock? Every so many years the fashion kings and queens select a new shoe to sanctify and become the beacon of all things chic. Sometimes it’s an ugly turned pretty shoe (ie metallic Birks) or a plain jane turned badass (ie high top Chanel ); which when paired with high fashion or contrasting pieces make it seemingly cool, instantly effortless. Haute couture, once reserved for galas and red carpets, are instantly transformed into flea market ready-“Oh this old thing?”s without missing a beat.

Maxi dress birkenstocks

“That woman is wearing off the runway Celine with… Birkenstocks? NEED A PAIR!!!!!” fashionfreaks shrieked last summer.Celine-birkenstock-full-look-636x954

After this week’s show, Karl has done the same with the flip flops. Gone are the sandy, weather-beaten Rainbows which gave you blisters in 2006 or everyone’s favorite candy colored Havianas. Nope. I predict this new species of Shoe of the Moment will identified by texture and pattern and embellishments. Details, my friends, details.

Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Chanel Fall 2014 Couture

Chanel’s version featured their classic tweed material tied sweetly around the ankle with a ribboned bow, like a Grecian Jackie Kennedy; and as we saw with Celine, it only takes one fashion nod to send the rest of us into a frenzy. What do you think? Are you ready to wear flip flops with your custom Balmain?

Because who knows… In a year’s time, us fashionfreaks might be saying “Balenciaga with…. NO SHOES!?”